Monday, December 12, 2011

Published on SparkLife!

Everyone knows about SparkNotes, right? Well, SparkLife is a different story.

I usually race on to Sparknotes, get the info I need, then race off. Until one day, when I saw something on the left side bar that caught my eye...

Cleverly-titled articles beckoned me, with expertly-drawn pictures describing the contents within them. "Take a Study Break", SparkNotes said, and I obeyed.

Only my "break" turned into a full-fledged exploration through the mass of awesomesauce on SparkLife.

The articles were relatable, funny, and -most importantly- well written. I spent who-knows-how-long wandering through this maze of amazingness, then I came upon this article.

Write for SparkNotes, eh? Sounded like fun, even though I doubted anything I sent in would ever get published. I made up a list, tried to throw a few dashes of humor and sarcasm in there, and sent it in.

The next day, December 12th, I checked my e-mail anxiously. Lo and behold, an e-mail from SparkNotes had arrived. "It's too soon," I thought, "probably got rejected right away, it was my first submission, after all".

I clicked on the message only to confirm my thoughts, when I saw the words.The wonderful words that said, "Thanks for a great post! It just went up."

...what? WHAT?! My published on SparkNotes? No way.

After I had finished freaking out, I clicked on the link to make sure it wasn't a sick joke. It wasn't. It's right here.

Sure, it's just a few words and a list, but I wrote it. Other people read it, thought about it, and replied to it with comments.

If you can't tell, I'm pretty darn happy!

Now that I have more confidence in my writing, I will definitely try to write more-for this, SparkNotes, and just for the heck of it.

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  1. Hannah!!! Wow! That's Awesome, Go You!! Ms. Published Writer :)