Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feedback, por favor?

I saw this photo about a week ago and it inspired me to start writing. I have no clue what it'll end up being, I'm just writing for now. I don't have much yet, but it's still a major work in progress. There are probably a number of mistakes at the moment, but try to overlook them. Some feedback (and maybe a title?) would be greatly appreciated. (:

The Castle of Auriola. A beautiful golden palace, as the meaning of the name suggests. It sits on a rock near the edge of a waterfall in the river Lacrimas, with a bridge on either side. The bridges no longer have a purpose, besides acting as “accessories” to the castle. They both have collapsed about half a mile from the outer lands, their former destination. There are also two gardens adorning the north and south ends of the castle, the Northern one being the most magnificent, and the Southern one preferred for viewing the dazzling sunsets.
The spray of the mineral-rich water falls most heavily on the Northern Gardens, making them one of the most beautiful things in the kingdom, the only beautiful thing to me. Most people consider the castle to be the most beautiful thing in all of the land, but I view it as a prison. I’ve been stuck here all of my life-my parents orders. They say that the world beyond the castle is dangerous, no place for a princess. But I simply cannot stay here for the rest of my life, I’ll go insane. I know there is more to the outside world than just “dangerous”, there has to be.